Forest Hill Woodturners

Forest Hill Woodturners has been in existence and operating in the same rooms for more than 30 years. Members are from all walks of life who share a common passion in creating articles from WOOD. Club meetings nurture knowledge and skills to enable other members, new and old, to maximise their enjoyment of their hobby.

Mutual Cooperation in Perfecting the Art of Woodturning

Blackburn South

Forest Hill Woodturners is a “hands-on” club, centrally located in club rooms in Blackburn South. We have a large, well-equipped workshop housed in a hall owned by the Whitehorse Council. The Club conducts weekly sessions on Mondays and Saturdays for members to practice their skills, relax and socialise and we also provide ongoing skills enhancement and mentoring of new and old members alike


Each month at on the 1st Saturday during the morning session we have a special project group which members can join in. On the 3rd Saturday we have demonstrations and/or guest speakers. The Club is dedicated to teaching the art of woodturning and many members are skilled and of high calibre with many years of experience behind them. Safety is always of the highest importance.


Demonstration Programs

We have a commitment to promoting and developing woodturning skills and displaying this to the wider community.. As we operate in the wider community the Club conducts regular demonstrations, displays and other programs at outside events. Our members also enter and participate in a number of shows and competitions.


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